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Vendibot presents a great opportunity for everyone who wants to give flame to their entrepreneurial spark with nothing but commitment in your pocket. Vending machines are the need of the hour and are growing in demand hence being a part of it, takes you a step towards financial independence without the burden of an initial investment.

Venue Partner

If you have a location with a decent footfall where we can get sales from the vending machine you can partner with us to have the machines installed at the venue for free of cost and earn a commission from every sale from the machines with live tracking.
✖  Initial Investment
✖  Minimum Units

Channel Partner

If you donít shy from marketing the machines and having a few locations where you can install and operate the machines, there is a hefty commission as high as 35% coming your way.
✖  Initial Investment
✔  Minimum Units

Exclusive Dealership (Regional)

If you have a sphere of influence and are ready to make this your full time earning you can help us market, install and operate lockers in your region.It will be a full blown partnership with revenues ranging as high as 50% of sales.
✔  Initial Investment
✔  Minimum Units

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